November 16, 2012

November 16, 2012

One of the things currently of interest for the Behavioral Health Student Organization is the budget. We have dedicated a great deal of time to think of activities that would be interesting for students. We have also considered things that are nessicary to the proper management of the student organization. We have also considered what A&S funds usually cover. The budget has not been finalized but we are very close to being able to complete our first A&S budget. Our first ever A&S budget would classify us as a The interim request would cover costs for the current academic year. We will also need to create a request for next academic year and submit it to the Activities and Services of student government by January 28th. For more information you can view a powerpoint presentation about the budget ( or you can visit the University of South Florida student government website (

We have a placeholder for the website...

We now have 2 advisors to the organization. They are Doctor Bruce Levin and Doctor Judie Baldwin.

Our mission: The Behavioral Health Student Organization (BHSO) serves as a forum for those with an interest in Behavioral Health. Our mission is to educate and increase awareness of Behavioral Health issues and projects within the United States and abroad. We provide ample service and learning opportunities to network with students, faculty and the greater Behavioral Health community. We hope to improve the well-being of the surrounding community by promoting awareness, compassion, and solidarity.

A bit of additional information:
Behavioral Health has now been a Major for a couple months. You can now declare your Major as Behavioral Health as a Bachelor of Science. Please take a look at this degree if you are currently studying any other major and you feel it may not be for you.

As of now BHSO has no events or meetings scheduled for the future.

Awareness, Compassion, Solidarity

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