October 17, 2012

Psyching on some Behavioral Healthcare,

So our organization has been progressing along the road to sustainability nicely. We currently meet all the requirements needed to maintain status as a USF organization. I believe Tony will be submiting our constitution soon if it has not already been submitted, we are waiting until after the general body meeting to complete the budget, Tony completed the training the president must complete, we are complying with all of the university's policies and procedures. It is a priority that we maintain something like at least 12 members not including officers. One of our priorities has been to far exceed this number, for stability purposes(among others) and with all our effort we are well above the 12. We have gone from 38 about 3 months ago to 60 current student members and we continue to grow.

The Behavioral Health Student Organization hosted a table in the College of Public Health lobby for the Mental Illness Awareness Week. Alex and Melissa played a major role in manning the table from nine in the morning the three in the afternoon. Certainly many people walked away from the table with more knowledge about Mental Illness than they had before they approached the table.

Alex is working diligently on our website project. She has been working with the Health IS team to have a link within a USF Behavioral Health domain or a similar domain. With the help of a specialist she was able to create the ideal logo for our organization. It is currently in use on the blogspot blog(BHSOPublicRelations.blogspot.com). The officers were given an assignment to create a bio for themselves and those bios will be placed on the website along with valuable information about our organization and Behavioral Health.

Our organization is very interested in the interests of those people who have taken an interest in the organization. To show our interest we are scheduling a general meeting so that we can listen to what our members have to say. We are interested in knowing your specific interests. We would also like suggestions for activities, events, parties, outings, et cetera. We truely value your opinion. If you are unable to attend the upcoming meeting October 25, 2012 at 2 and you have an idea that you would like to tell us about please send your idea/ideas to contactBHSO@gmail.com

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