September 2012

Greetings to BHSO membership,

I am proud to say I worked hard and created a video where I talk about what I think our organization features in the many aspects of our organization. I have to warn you it is somewhat of a slow paced video right from the start but picks up as the video progresses. I am interested in public speaking and am proud that I can make progress in something that interests me. The youtube like is...

We recently had a welcome event that incorportated a panel discussion with some very influential people in the field. One of the valuable topics discussed was what I understood as a fully funded graduate program. Information can be found here...

There was also a recent approval of a Bachelor program in Behavioral Healthcare. The College of Behavioral and Community Sciences is not accepting declarations of this major. The admissions process can be found on this website… The program requirements can be found on the requirements checklist that can be found on the right side of this page…

We had a wecome event that went very well. This is something that Doctor Levin sent to one of the officers following the Welcome Event providing approval and enthusiasm.

"Special thanks to all of you for your efforts, leadership, energy, and terrific BAKING for today's BHSO meeting. The attendance was very good, the discussion was excellent, and the panel was exceptional (with the exception of that behavioral health concentration faculty person). All of you should be proud of the effort... you are definitely taking this 2nd year student association to the next level. Congratulations on your successful meeting today! And to think this all started with zero students seven years ago, and then Dr. Casey came along... and now, suddenly, we have about 45-50 students in the Behavioral Health Concentration.

Many, many thanks as well as my sincere gratitude for a job well done.


Friends Are Important

                                        Raymond A. Hess III

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