October 2013

     The loss of life is one of the most tragic possible outcomes of using illicit drugs.  The recent and tragic death of a well known actor/singer/dancer Cory Monteith, from the television show Glee, reminds us of the pressing problem of illicit drug use.  Mortality(general term for death of people) is very commonly seen in people in settings where behavioral health professionals work.  The risk associated with illicit substance use is substantial.  These drugs greatly increase risk taking behavior and multiply the risk of death.  Illicit drugs are very dangerous and everyone is at risk of contracting a substance use disorder.  The death of Cory Monteith was shocking and difficult for many.  Cory should be remembered for the person he was and the strides he made to overcome his affliction with dangerous substances.  Please be aware of the risks of using illicit drugs and be accepting and open to people struggling with illicit drug addiction.

The video below is a performance by Cory Monteith's girlfriend, Lea Michele, just months after his death. This episode was a dedication to Cory, known as Finn on the show.

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Awareness. Compassion. Solidarity.

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